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Customer FAQ

You can find below answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions. In case you have a query, please do not hesitate to contact 365 Pest Control Services.

Pest Control Customers


1. What is 365 Pest Control?

365 Pest Control works together with reliable pest control agents in England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland and Northern Ireland, to ensure that customers receive the best possible solution for pest problems.

2. I have pest control issues. How do I proceed?

In case of a pest problem, you have two options. If you are a regular user of pest control you can fill out the online form to become a member and receive a 25 percent discount on our services, along with the possibility to see the status of your enquiries and contact information on your pest control agent. If you need our services for one unique occasion, you can fill out a free quotation form and one of our agents will contact you in the near future.

3. When will I receive the pest control services?

By providing us your contact details, we will be able to locate a pest controller in your area. When we have found an agent that is specialized in your problem, the agent will contact you within 24 hours.

4. What about the price of the pest services?

The price is determined by three aspects; your location, the size of the infestation, and the type of pest problem you are experiencing. We guarantee the same quality of service as our competitors but at lower rate.

5. How do I sign up?

To become an Agent you simply click “get a free account now” on the home page (put in a link here). In the form, you insert your information and submit your application. You will then be contacted by 365PestControl in the near future.

6.How long does it take before I will get a reply after signing up?

Soon after the submission of your Agent application, you will receive a confirmation email. 365PestControl will contact you as soon as possible.

7. Does 365PestControl provide services for big companies?

Yes, 365PestControl provides services to large companies such as Kent County Council, Tesco, and many others.

8. Do you charge a fee to be an Agent?

365PestControl does not charge a registration fee, it is for free to become an Agent.