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Spider bite

Spiders belong to the arachnids family and are found worldwide. They have eight legs and all can produce silk. Spiders usually live for up to two years but some species are know to live much longer, sometimes up to 20 years!

Spiders are predators that feed with living insects which they catch with their web. Then the spider bites its prey in order to overpower them with a venom that it injects directly into the bidy. The venom of most spiders in the UK is not considered harmful for humans but there are certain species, like the black widow spider that although did not previously exist in the UK, have become more frequent in appearance over recent years. A black widow spider bite can be lethal, even for humans but this kind of spider is mostly found in Northern America. Most people will only come across the common house spider which finds shelter in cracks and holes in houses during winter.

Although spiders feed on other pests, like house flies and fleas, they are also considered to be pests themselves. You can easily tell if there is a spider' infestation in your house or business, simply by seeing spiders or their webs mostly in corners or behind big objects. If the infestation is not large you can easily get rid of spiders by destroying their web with a vacuum cleaner, filling all holes that can be their potential nests and by getting rid of other pests in the house that can serve as their food. In case that the spiders ’ infestation is large, then professional pest control assistance is required.

An established spider' infestation needs to be dealt with by pest control expert, so the best thing you can do if you want to get rid of spiders is contact 365 Pest Control Services for immediate assistance.