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Rabbits are small mammals with long ears. They have strong hint legs and soft fur with colours in the shades of brown, gray and buff. The rabbit has rapid reproductive rate. Their breeding season lasts nine months and a female rabbit can breed after the age of six months.This means that a female rabbit can have as many as 800 descendants in each season.

Rabbits are herbivores and will feed on about any plant they are able to reach.However, they prefer grass, forbs, and leafy weeds. Rabbits are considered garden pests, since each rabbit can consume half kilo of food per day. In drier regions, they may even desert crops or grazing land.

Rabbits are nocturnal and this is why it is possible to remain unnoticed for weeks. If you notice plants in your field or garden disappearing or dying, then it is possible that you might have rabbit problems.

The rabbit is also considered a vermin, because it can transmit various diseases and pestcontrol is necessary if you are facing rabbit problems. Some of the most serious ones are rabies, salmonellosis and plague.

There are many methods for rabbit pest control, the most common of which are the following: rabbit fencing, rabbit trap,organic pesticides,and poisonous or natural pest repellents placed on the plants. The most effective rabbit control method is the rabbit fence, which should be around the field or the garden, buried in the ground and at least 60 cm high.Rabbits traps are also an effective rabbit pest control method, since they can capture large numbers of rabbits at the same time. Rabbit traps can even get more effective as time goes by, because tracks of passing rabbits attract even more rabbits.

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