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Silverfish are small insects without wings, which took their name out of their characteristic way of moving that resembles the fish movements. They are born white and they get silvery grey or blue as they get older. Silverfish have long antennae and you can find some species with compound eyes and some other species without eyes.

Silver fish are considered insect pests, because they feed on most human foods, products or fabrics. They eat glue, paper, sugar, hair, carpet, clothing, cotton, linen, silk or certain synthetic fabrics. It is really common that they will damage books, fabrics, photographs and paper products or even tapestries while they are in their way of searching for food in a building. They can also cause contamination of food.

They are nocturnal and prefer warm and humid living environments. It is likely that you may find the silverfish in closets, bathrooms, attics, basements or garages, where there is usually humidity and moisture. Most of the times, the silverfish can remain unnoticed until the infestation becomes wide. In that point, pest management is more difficult. You probably need to ask for pest services in order to solve your pest problem with the use of special insecticide.

Pest problems with silverfish are best dealt with by experts, so the best you have to do to get rid silverfish is contact 365 Pest Control Services for immediate assistance.