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squirrel pest control

Squirrels are rodents, which are very adaptable to the environmental conditions. A squirrel can be found either in the woodland or in urban areas. In the family of squirrels belong rodents, such as the tree squirrel, including grey squirrels and red squirrels, the ground squirrel, which is also known as gopher, the chipmunk, the marmot, the flying squirrel and the prairie dog.

Squirrels are mainly herbivorous but they start searching for other sources when food is scarce. Squirrels and especially grey squirrels are considered pests, because they feed on rose hips, flowers and shoots found in the gardens and damage the plantations. Squirrel teeth grow constantly and for this reason they need to sharpen them to prevent overgrowth. This is why grey squirrel as a pest can damage both edible and inedible objects including tree branches or even live power lines. This chewing habit can cause economic losses to both home owners and professionals and squirrel control is considered necessary. Squirrel proof is also important in areas with heavy squirrel population, due to the possibility that they will damage the electric transmission lines.

Squirrels construct their nests, which are called “dreys” in the upper part of trees or construct dens if they find opening in a trunk. They may also build their nests in human residence if they find an opening in the loft, the attic or the basement. Squirrels have adapted to humans and can thrive in urban environments. This is the reason why squirrel pest control in the UK is becoming more and more necessary, even though squirrels are not dangerous to human and do not transmit more diseases than any wildlife can.

If you have a squirrel pest problem ,the best you have to do is contact 365 Pest Control Services for immediate assistance.