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Wasp Nests

Dealing with Wasps and Wasps Nests.

While many people do not particular mind the occasional pest or two in the household, one thing that most people do not want to have in their household are wasps.

The main question the plagues many peoples minds is how can I tell if I have a wasp nest and if I do how can I destroy a wasp nest?

Wasps are not good pest to have around the house because they can quickly multiply and can sting your family members and your pets. Wasps can also be very scary to be around and for some people a wasp sting can lead to an allergic reaction.

If you notice that you have a wasps nest close to your house, getting rid of wasps should be your top priority. While in the summer wasps chase away other insects, in the Autumn, wasps can be quite hazardous to humans. In order to deal with a potential wasp infestation in your household the first thing that you will need to do is find out how the wasps are getting into your house. The most common way that wasps get in to a house is through the fireplace. If you have not had your fireplace cleaned in a long while, it is highly likely that there may be wasp activity there.

During the summer months of the year you are unlikely to get wasp stings, wasps are usually too busy chasing insects and bringing up baby larval wasps. However, during the Autumn months of September and October wasps start to feed on fermenting over ripe fruit; this leads to wasps becoming drunk and they become at their most dangerous. Wasps once drunk on fruit can become very aggressive and as such will be more likely to sting people.

It is also important to note that in September, typically wasps nests will be at their largest. Some wasp nests can hold up to 10,000 wasps in their nest. During the winter months, the worker wasps will die out from the cold leaving the Queen alone to hibernate. The Queen will throughout the winter hibernate and then to start reproducing again as the weather picks up.

In the household the first thing to do when looking for potential wasp nests is to look in the loft, or look in the top of your garage, shed or other outbuildings. These outbuilding are the most common areas that wasps will tend to nest.

If you are still be plagued by wasps and you are unable to detect the wasp nest it is best to consult a pest control specialist in order to effectively locate, and remove the nest from your household.

If you think that you have a potential wasp infestation or if you would like more information about how to effectively remove wasps nests feel free to contact us today.

All you need to do is contact 365 Pest Control Service and leave the rest in the experienced hands of 365 Pest Control group.