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Mole Trap

Moles are mammals with cylindrical bodies and powerful front claws. These attributes make them effective diggers. Moles are covered in fur and are almost blind, since their eyes are tiny and covered. They can only tell night from day, but the rest of their senses are highly developed.They are mainly feed in earthworms.

Moles are considered garden pests, because they produce tunnels or “runaways” in lawns. The feeeding tunnels are just beneath the surface of the lawn and look like raised ridges on the lawns. The volcano-like molehills, which can be noticed on the lawns are created by the soil excavated by the mole from the deep tunnels, which unite the feeding tunnels in a network. Quick lawn treatment is essential, if you do not want to see months or years of lawn care destroyed in a couple of days. Moles can undermine plant roots, but do not eat them,since they are not rodents. However, rodent pests in the garden, such as voles or pocket gophers use the mole tunnels to attack plants underground.

Mole pests are difficult to catch, since they are well protected in their underground tunnels. They can easily detect smells and vibrations and can escape quickly while blocking the tunnel behind them as they run. Mole trap is a commonly used method for mole pest control. Mole traps have to be located by an expert and are effective for young inexperienced moles.Usually, the moles can easily detect them and if a mole survives a trap once, then it is impossible to get caught again. Fumigation is another method used for getting rid of moles, even though it is not always effective, since moles can run away from the poisonous smoke. The most effective way to get rid of moles is baiting worms with poison, which can only be done by an expert, since the pesticides used can be dangerous to other animals.

If you want to get rid of moles the best thing you have to do is contact 365 Pest Control Services for immediate assistance.