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sparrow pest control

Sparrows are small birds with short tails and plump brown or grey colour. Most of the times, when people talk about sparrows, they refer to the house sparrow, which mainly inhabits cities.

Some sparrow species make their nest inside or close to buildings, which is the main reason why the sparrow is considered as bird pest. House sparrows build their nests in hedges, sheds, water-houses and generally everywhere, where they can find easy access to food. Due to their eating habits, sparrows can also be garden pests. They eat fruit, flowers, seeds and grain and cause serious damage to crops, especially to the cereal ones. It is common that farmers use birds scarer to stop birds from damaging their property, but most of the times, professional services are necessary for the bird deterrent to be effective.

Bird control is difficult with sparrows, since they reproduce very quickly. A female sparrow can give birth to an average of 25 youngs per year. For this reason, an area can be quickly repopulated with sparrows after a fumigation or the implementation of another short-term pest control program. Due to the bird\'s small size, common repellers, such as bird netting or bird spike usually fail

For all the above mentioned reasons, if you have sparrow pest problems and pest control is needed, then birds netting or birds deterrent is better placed by a pest control expert. The only thing you have to do if you are in need of pest services is contact 365 pest control for immediate assistance.