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Moth caterpillar

Moths are insects, which are related to butterflies. There are more than 200.000 species of moths and it is thought that moth identification is not yet complete. The most common families are the following: hawk moth, which consists of species like the elephant hawk moth, or simply elephant moth and the hummingbird moth, tiger moth, peppered moth, which is nocturnal and fungus moth, which consists of species such as the well-known clothes moths. Some of these moths do not even have a mouth and feed on nectar, whereas some other are considered as pests. The caterpillars of some moths, such as the corn ear worm, are also major agricultural pests.

The caterpillar of the clothes moth is considered as a serious pest, since it feeds on clothing made of natural fibres, like cotton, linen, silk and especially wool. They are particularly attracted to dirty clothing or carpeting, which contains liquids or human sweat, because they cannot drink water but need the moisture. The moth in its adult phase does not eat at all and it is only its caterpillar that can cause damage. Adult moths only mate and the females search for places to lay their eggs. However, control of pest is needed if you notice moth infestation, in order to prevent the reproduction and the expansion of it.

An established moth infestation needs to be dealt with by pest control experts, so the best you have to do if you want to get rid of moths is contact 365 Pest Control Services for immediate assistance.