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trapping mice

Mice are are rodents and they are widely known because the house mouse, which is the most common mouse species, invades houses in search for food and sometimes even shelter. Mice have small eyes but large ears and tail. The latter is as long as the body of the mouse itself. The most common way for getting rid of mice is by using a mouse trap, but due to their ability to move fast, trapping mice can be tricky.

Mice can eat almost everything and they can survive with minimum water which they get mainly from their food. The house mouse is not only found in houses but also in open fields and agricultural premises. Getting rid of mice is very important, because they contaminate food and can cause considerable damage to your property. The two most common deceases that mice can carry is the hantavirus and salmonella. Salmonella, in particular, is very dangerous and it is transmitted through contaminated food.

If you detect mice in house you should contact a pest control pro who will use professional methods to get rid of mice.

A mouse problem is best dealt with by experts, so the best you have to do to get rid of mice in house or office is contact 365 Pest Control Services for immediate assistance.