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stinging wasp

Wasps are insects that have black and yellow bands, two pairs of wings and three sets of two legs. They are mostly known because of their nasty sting, which can even cause death in an allergic person. There are two types of wasps mostly found around the UK; the common wasp and the hornet or also called yellowjacket, which is a bigger variation of the common wasp.

Generally wasps are parasites.They feed only on nectar, but there are some kinds of wasps, like the yellowjacket that also feed themselves and their young with dead insects.

Unlike the honey bee, wasps can not produce wax. For that reason, wasp nests are mainly built using wood pulp which gives their nests a paper-like texture. The location of wasps nests varies among the different species. However, the most frequently used locations include trees, attics, holes in the ground or any other sheltered area with outdoor access. A wasps nest is founded by queen wasps around spring, depending on climatic conditions. A wasp nest is used only for a year and previously used wasps nests are never used again.

Most kinds of wasps are considered aggressive stingers and they will always aggressively defend their nests. Wasp stinging can be very painful, especially in comparison to honey bees and can prove lethal for allergic persons. Wasps sting releases chemical factors that prompt other nearby wasps to attack. The most important thing to do if bitten by a wasp is to remove the stinger itself as soon as possible. That way pain and swelling will be greatly reduced.

Considering the above, if you detect a wasps nest in your house or business you should never try to remove it by yourself. You should close all windows in order to avoid letting the wasps get inside, because they might feel threatened and attack you.

For your safety,wasp removal and wasp nest removal are best dealt with by experts, so all you have to do for getting rid of wasps is contact 365 Pest Control Services for immediate assistance.