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Rise of Bedbugs

The Rise and Return of Bedbugs

All around the world there is a sharp rise of cases related to bedbugs in more international destinations as the species progressively multiples and infests itself into society. Bedbugs are increasingly showing up in university dorms, nursing homes, day care centres, libraries, public transportations and communal areas and even in cinemas.

For many people, bedbugs are becoming more of a pandemic leaving many poor victims ending up with sleepless nights, skin irritations and bites and various skin disorders.

Bed bugs are the common name for “Climex Lectularious,” they are a reddish-brown, oval-shaped insect that are wingless creatures who survive by sucking the blood from a host animal and in most cases preferably human blood.

The reason they are called bed bugs are that they commonly hid in mattresses, carpets, behind peeling walls and in wooden furnitures. Bed bugs are nocturnal by nature and typically bite people while they are asleep in an infested bed. Bed bugs are frequently more active just before dawn.

Home owners and hotels are not the only ones who are affected by the rise of bed bugs. More recently, several retail shops and outlets have had to deal with bedbug infestations. Used furniture stores, office buildings and laundromats have also been affected by bedbugs. In addition, hospitals, nursing homes and cruise ships have also started seeking help and advice on what to do if they’re invaded by bedbugs as well.

For companies that are affected by bedbugs they may be spending up to hundreds of thousands of pounds dealing with bed bugs and managing hysterical victims. In several cases many hotel rooms are required to be stripped down to the concrete layers in order to purge these ever growing pests.

For retailers and shops, the expenses of bedbug infestations goes beyond the extermination costs and can include lost revenues due to business closures and contaminated products that are required to be discarded. Furthermore, most insurance policies do not cover pest infestation so any costs to deal with the problem will come straight out of the companies profit margins. In some situations, return policies on items may change to prevent contamination from returned goods from bedbug ridden homes.

As an industry, pest extermination can be a tough job. Historically, exterminators would use general pesticides such as DDT that would wipe out infestations to tackle the bedbug problem. However, due to medical concerns, the use of DDT was banned. More recently pesticides have become more targeted in their approach to tackling pests. However, as there are multiple strains of bed bugs what one chemical might do to irradiate one strain may have no affect on another.

Victims of bed bugs may also have to pay hundreds and even thousands of pounds for extermination services, since in most cases involving bedbugs require repeated treatments in order to remove the infestation.

To meet the growing demand of this pest problem, exterminators are seeking out new efficient means of detecting bed bugs. For instance the use of trained dogs such as a beagle can find a bedbug infestations much faster than a trained exterminator. Overall, from a business perspective whether you are a victim or an exterminator the result of this rise of bedbugs worldwide has meant that business is not going down any time soon.

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