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pigeon pest control

Most of the birds live in the woodland and are not considered as pests. However, some species, such as the pigeons or doves thrive in urban and agricultural environments. Pigeons are usually light grey and have two black stripes on each wing, although they can be found in various colours and patterns.

There is a reason why pigeons are called “rats of the sky”. They carry Psittacosis, a virus similar to pneumonia and Chiamdiosis, a virus similar to influenza, which can be transmitted to human. They also carry and spread the avian influenza. These diseases can be transmitted through spores from dried droppings than can be carried with the wind. Fresh droppings can also cause long term damage to buildings, despite the fact that they make them look unpleasant.

These pest birds can cause problems both in urban and rural areas. In residential areas, pigeon proofing is necessary in order to deter the blocking of down pipes and gutters. A bird deterrent in the roof is also necessary, so that pigeons cannot build their bird nests there and infest the house with parasites, such as bird mites, bird fleas or beetles. In agricultural areas, pigeon control is needed, in order to prevent the pigeons from destroying the harvest, considering the fact that each pigeon can consume an average of 64 pounds of food and there is an estimated number of 18 million wild pigeons in Great Britain.

If you have pigeon pest problems and bird control is needed, then a bird repellent is better placed by a pest control expert. The only thing you have to do if you are in need of pigeon pest control is contact 365 pest control for immediate assistance.