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Ant Pest

Ants are social insects and form colonies that range in size and can even have population of million individuals.That is exactly why getting rid of ants is so difficult. Ants on their colonies, work all together like one organism in order to support the colony.Those colonies are created by a yound queen ant, which is widely known as the flying ant because it is usually noticed when leaving the colony during the reproduction phase. Despite their small size, they can achieve things that no other animal of this size can. They achieve this by working together and having specific roles. Ants can be found almost everywhere on earth, due to their ability to adopt to almost every environment.

There are almost 15.000 different ant species but the carpenter ant and the fire ant are the two most frequently seen. Their favourite food is honeydew, which they milk from Aphids which has high sugar content. When they find a food source they release chemical factors that trail back to their nest. That way they show the way to other workers to come and collect the food. When the food source is exhausted the ants returning to the nest, stop releasing those chemical factors, indicating that way that there is no food left. Due to their tiny size they can fit even in the smallest cracks in their effort to find food.

Ants in general are not that dangerous for humans, but they can cause various diseases by cross contaminating the food they come in contact with. However, ants can be a very serious problem as they are difficult to get rid of due to their huge population. If you detect ants in your house or business you should get rid of them as soon as possible, because otherwise ant extermination can become more difficult.

Ants are best dealt with by pest control experts, so the best you have to do to get rid of ants is contact 365 Pest Control Services for immediate assistance.